Accessing a Virtual Machine

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You can access your VMs and Exercise Instructions from within CANVAS. However, you can also access you VMs using an HTML5-capable Browser or an RDP programs - and so can everyone else ... which is why it is important to CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD! In this module, there are also instructions on how to document your progress within the many exercises by utilizing screen "grabs" using a screen capture utility.

When selecting your VM, and before you hit "Enter", you might want to consider the following options on the tab menu. If the tab menu is not visible, click on the plus sign above the "Computer" input field

1) Best to select a resolution of "Fit to browser window" under Display tab

2) You might want to check "open in a new browser window" (checkbox in the lower left)

3) You might want to select "Reconnect on resize" under the "Advanced" tab.

Enter the following URL in your browser:

Enter one of the following URLs in your browser depending on your course:

Within the Computer Field, enter one of the following:

DBsubnet is for Daytona Beach campus students
WWsubnet is for Worldwide campus students
nnnnn is your 5-digit VM system id given by your instructor

The user ids for your VM accounts are: admin. Your user accounts are initially protected by the password Cyber101pwd

In this section, you will update the password on your Windows VM.

When Windows opens, you will see a typical Windows desktop. If any popup windows appear, just exit out of them.

Your first task is to change your password. 

Navigate to the search icon next to Start. Type in "Computer Management".

When "Computer Management" appears, click on it.

Once there, click on the dropdown arrow next to Local Users and Groups (under System Tools) and then on Users.

Next, right-click on admin and select Set Password… Click on Proceed and enter the new password.


In order to change the password, you must start a terminal session and enter commands at the command line.

Find the Terminal Emulator icon at the left-side of the desktop and click on it.

The terminal window should appear as follows. To change the password, type "passwd" followed by <ENTER> at the command line.

You will be prompted to enter the current password and then twice for the new password.

NOTE: There are no echo of characters on the screen when you enter the passwords.

Document your exercises by using a Word Document and explaining what you did, what worked, what did not and include readable screen captures of your VM display along the way.

Use the Windows snipping tool to capture all or part of your VM screen to demonstrate your progress.

Press Shift-Command-4 

Move the crosshair to where you want to start the screenshot, then drag to select an area

When you've selected the area you want, release your mouse or trackpad button

Find the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop


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