Footprinting a Website

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This exercise will involve footprinting a site on the Internet.

In this exercise, you will be given a number of footprinting tasks to perform on a given domain. There are a huge number of tools that are available to you, some of which were shown in class, some of which were mentioned, some of which you may find on your own.

  1. Identify technical/network information of a Domain
  2. Identify Ownership information of a Domain
  3. Document content and metadata of a Domain

You may use any tools that you want in order to accomplish the tasks at hand, but you will have to identify what tools, Web sites, or other sources that you used. Be creative! Do not feel constrained to the tools that were already used for the class.

Each team will be assigned a domain from the list below or you can select your own domain with the instructor's approval.

Using the Footprinting procedures and processes that were discussed in class, find out everything you can about the domain. Some items of information that you should be sure to obtain include:

  1. Domain ownership information
  2. Names and types of servers associated with the domain (in particular, find the Web, e-mail, and name servers)
  3. IP addresses of the domain's servers
  4. Current information on the domain's Web site, including the purpose of the organization, their products and services, location(s), and any names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses you can find
  5. A picture of the organization's location
  6. The organization's social media presence
  7. Any pertinent current news about the organization
  8. The connectedness of at least one of the organization's principles
  9. A copy of at least part of the organization's Web site
  10. The ISP or host of the domain's Web site
  11. The route packets take to get to the site

Be sure to keep track of, and document, the tool/method used to capture this information.

1) Prepare a written report with the information, as if you were submitting this to a client. Each team should submit their report to the Discussion forum for others to read. Be sure to put the names of the team members in the report and include screen shots, as appropriate.

2) Describe your individual experiences in the Discussion forum. In addition, read and comment on at least two reports from other teams.



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