Using FTP on the LINUX VM

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This exercise will show you how to access the FTP server used for materials for the course

1. Files containing data, programs, and other information in support of class exercises are stored on a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server. Your VMs are pre-installed with an FTP client called FileZilla; find the FileZilla Client icon on your desktop by clicking first on the software applications icon.


2.Then click on the appropriate button on the right to get to the page of applications containing the FiuleZillla application...and then click on the FileZilla application icon.


3. Note that the file listing in the left pane looks very much like the Linux File Manager; it is showing you files that are on your local computer (i.e., the Linux Kali VM).


4. In the upper-left of the FileZilla window, click on the Site Manager icon.

5. When the When the Site Manager dialogue box opens, click on FTP SERVER.


6. Once the Unknown certificate dialogue box opens, Click OK to close.
Note: You can to check the Always trust certificate in future sessions.


7. You are now connected to the FTP server. See the remote site panel for files pertaining to the exercises.
Note: Files will be placed on the FTP server during the progression of the courses in the minor; additional information will be provided as appropriate.



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