TCP/IP Tools for the Web

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The purpose of this exercise is to introduce some common Web sites that can be used to obtain Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)-based network information. These tools are essential for troubleshooting, analyzing, and investigating network issues.


This exercise will provide a brief introduction to tools with which to learn information about a TCP/IP host, an IP address, and public information about a domain. This exercise will employ both command line and Web-based tools.

Learning Objectives

In this exercise, you wil employ Web-based tools to obtain similar information.

Open a Web browser from either your Windows or Kali VM.

Open a Web browser from either your Windows or Kali VM.

Point your browser to the Web site.


Why is the IP address shown here different than the one shown when you issued the ipconfig or ifconfig commands?

There are a number of online tools to help you obtain information about a domain. Use any tool you'd like -- we recommend using the Domain Dossier function at CentralOps ( -- to answer the following questions. (Note that CentralOps also has ping, nslookup, and traceroute functions.)


Selecting "Domain Dossier" yields the following:

Select four Web sites and for EACH:

  1. What is the organization (or subject) associated with the site and in what city are they located?
  2. What is the IP address of the site?
  3. What organization owns the domain and who is the person responsible for the domain registration? In what city is this person located?
  4. Who owns the IP address block? Can you determine what ISP has been assigned the address block? Is there any other "ownership" information found?


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